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Anjalikarani - Silmatha Training Spiritual Development Program - Phase 2
Anjalikarani - Silmatha Training Spiritual Development Program - Phase 2
Kusalassa Upasampada - National Program for the Training of New Upasampada Monks Phase 3
Kusalassa Upasampada - National Program for the Training of New Upasampada Monks Phase 3 The 3rd phase of the National Upasapan Monks Training Program will be held from 20.03.20 to 27.03.2022 at the Devram Maha Viharaya, Pannipitiya. A special training and lecture on temple management will be held on 24.03.2022 at the Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihara premises under this program which is a residential training. All resources are provided by the Venerable Thero and the main objective is to create a future generation of Theravada Bhikkus in charge of the Sasana.

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Vesak religious ceremony in 2566 - Vesak Week - May 12 to May 18, 2022
Vesak religious ceremony in 2566 - Vesak Week - May 12 to May 18, 2022

Vesak religious ceremony in 2566 - Vesak Week - May 12 to May 18, 2022

The Government has declared May 12 to May 18, 2022 as the “Vesak Week” in view of the Vesak Festival which commemorates the Sambuddha Day.

Under the guidance of the All Ceylon Sasanarakshaka Board, the Ministry of Buddhasasana Religious and Cultural Affairs and the Department of Buddhist Affairs, with the assistance of Government and Non-Governmental Organizations including District Secretariats and Divisional Secretariats, have made arrangements to hold the Vesak Festival proudly throughout the island.

The 256th State Vesak Festival of the Year of the Buddha will be held on 14.05.2022 and 15 at the Balangoda Kuragala Rajamaha Viharaya in the Ratnapura District. Meaningful and effective programs will be implemented in temples, Dhamma schools, schools, governmental and non-governmental organizations under the full guidance of the Regional and District Sasanarakshaka Boards, giving priority to spiritual development.

2022.05.12 Buddhism for a Sustainable Environment

Conducting lectures and workshops on Buddhism and the environment to create a group of eco-friendly citizens based on the teachings of the Buddha, implementing awareness programs on environmental protection, cleaning temples, schools, public places, offices, houses etc., conducting labor donations, tree planting programs, Establishment of herbal gardens / forest gardens.

2022.05.13 Buddhism for a Healthy Life

Conducting lectures, workshops and seminars on how to lead a healthy life, promoting the cultivation and consumption of non-toxic local food crops, organizing free medical clinic programs, organizing blood donation programs, eye clinics, anti-drug, anti-smoking. Organizing programs.

2022.05.14 Sinhala Literature nurtured by Buddhism

To impart a better understanding of Sinhala literature to the present generation and to implement Dhamma Schools and school children's awareness programs on Sinhala literature nurtured on the basis of Buddhist philosophy and to conduct programs to motivate students for literary creation. Arrangements have been made to hold the state Vesak festival at the Kuragala Rajamaha Viharaya today.

2022.05.15 - Seela Bhawana Pinkama

As this day is the full moon day of Vesak, the practice of Seela Meditation Pinkams in all temples and the involvement of Dhamma Schools, school children and youth in these Pinkams should not be made a day of musical performances and festivities and should be taken as a full fledged religious day for the Sambuddha festival. We request the Maha Sangha and the Sasanalaya to make the contributing community aware.

2022.05.16 Hela art nurtured by Buddhism

Conducting lectures, seminars, workshops and conducting cultural and religious programs at night to give a better understanding of ancient Buddhist arts and crafts. Morning Sadaham tour programs Pindapatha Pinkam and in the afternoon programs on art and Buddhism, dansals, night pandals, devotional performances, lanterns, educational and archeological exhibitions, Buddhist dramas based on Jataka stories. (NB, for whatever reason, shows, games, etc. that are disrespectful to the Lord Buddha and Buddhism should be avoided.)

2022.05.17 Career based on Buddhism

Conducting programs based on temples or institutions including seminars and lectures on the support of Buddhism for a good career. (Contacting religious businessmen or professionals to impart knowledge and experience to those engaged in various professions.)

2022.05.18 Economic and social development nurtured by Buddhism

Conducting lectures, seminars, workshops on the contribution of Buddhisam for economic and social development, and conducting programs to strengthen the economic level of the Buddhist community.

We kindly request that a banner be displayed in front of all temples and in other suitable places to make the public aware. The specifications of that banner are as follows.

The banner should be 08 feet long and 4 feet wide.

The background of the banner should be light yellow and the letters should be maroon.

Vesak religious ceremony in 2566

"Bhajetha Mitte Kalyane"

(Let's associate with Kalan friends)

Let's celebrate Sambudhu Temagula with all our hearts

Vesak Week 2022 May 12 - May 18

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2021 Dhamma Schools Grade 6 - 10 Examination April 24
2021 Dhamma Schools Grade 6 - 10 Examination April 24

The "Dhamma Schools Grade 6 - 10 Examination" organized by the Department of Buddhist Affairs could not be held on that day due to the curfew in the country.

This situation was discussed with the All Ceylon Sasanarakshaka Board and accordingly it was decided to grant leave to Dhamma schools in parallel to the government school system and to resume on 24.04.2022.

Accordingly, arrangements have been made to hold the Dhamma Schools Grade 6 - 10 Examination island wide on 24.04.2022 with the resumption of Dhamma Schools. About 10,50,000 students from 10,320 Dhamma Schools have qualified for this examination and all the Dhamma Schools are functioning as examination centers and are supervised by the Hon. Registrar, Chairman Thero of the Regional Sasanarakshaka Boards. The schedule and instructions regarding the Dhamma School Grade Examination have been forwarded to all Dhamma School Principals.


Publication of 07 simple Sinhala Tripitaka books
Publication of 07 simple Sinhala Tripitaka books

Publication of 07 simple Sinhala Tripitaka books

Seven Tripitaka books translated by the Compilation Tripitaka Compilation Board under the auspices of the Department of Buddhist Affairs were released at Temple Trees yesterday (24).

Appointed as an extension of the Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka Board, the Tripitaka Compilation Compilation Board has been carrying out the task of translating this Tripitaka bibliography for several years without repetition, without damaging or distorting the basic language of the Buddha.




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Our staff details

Mr.Sunanda Kariyapperuma
Commissioner General Of Buddhist Affairs
Mr. K.P.Siribaddana
Additional Commissioner General
Mr. J.D.S.N.Jayakodi
Commissioner of Development
Mr. W.K.Liyanage
Commissioner (Daham Pasal)
Mr. K. D. S. K. Kuruppu
Commissioner of Vihara and Dewalagam
Mr. G. Chandrasena
Chief Internal Auditor
Mr. L.D.P.Fernando
Chief Accountant
Mrs. P.S.W.Hevage
Legal Officer